Recommended Steps or using DNA in your genealogy:

  1. Decide what your objectives are for using DNA.
  2. Pick a testing company.
  3. Take a test.
  4. Upload your autosomal test results to FTDNA ($$) and
  5. Analyze your match data and contact your matches.


DNA Tools

GEDMatch is a utility site for comparing autosomal DNA Files. They accept for import exported DNA files from 23&Me, Ancestry.Com, and Family Tree DNA. Once the files have been processed you can run various searches, including one to many and see exact segments matched on a one to one match.

DNAGedcom is a utility site with tools to interpret the results of DNA tests taken for genealogical purposes. Initially developed for the use of adoptees looking for their birth family, the tools have expanded for multiple purposes.

Genomemate is a free desktop tool for managing autosomal DNA comparisons and identifying common ancestors. It can help with group triangulation, displaying overlapping segments, and X Chromosome doner identification.