Maine Genealogical DIG

DNA Interest Group

Using DNA to assist with traditional research.


A group of people helping people understand who to test, when to test, why to test and how to work most efficiently with your results.

Meetings are free and open to the public, everyone is welcome. We will have volunteer presentations covering all aspects of DNA testing, group discussions, and sharing. Together we will learn about Genetic Genealogy.

The Maine Genealogical DIG is starting due to the passion of Nancy Milliken Mason, Administrator of the Maine Genealogical Project on FTDNA. You can email Nancy at dna@maine.rr.com


2 Responses to About

  1. Bobbie Turner says:

    I’m 35 years old. I never knew who my father was. I have always been interested in finding out what “makes up”” me. I do know my mother but do not know much about where her side of the family came from. $$$ has always been a barrier. I’m currently about 6 months pregnant with my first child… I was wondering if there is a DNA geneology test that is available to me? I feel it’s important.


    • dontaylor says:

      I understand completely, I didn’t learn how my father was until I was 65 and that was because of DNA Testing. Y-DNA Testing is not applicable in your case, and mtDNA testing won’t help at all in answering your question. Only autosomal DNA testing will be of any potential genealogical significance in your quest.

      Our DNA Info page, (https://mainegenealogicaldig.wordpress.com/dna-info/) provides some suggestions for atDNA testing. My personal recommendation is to test with Ancestry. You can later transfer your AncestryDNA results to FamilyTree DNA but you cannot transfer results the other way (Family Tree DNA to Ancestry DNA). Ancestry DNA normally costs $99; however, it is on sale until the 4th for $79. Ancestry DNA testing typically goes on sale several times a year, so, if you miss this sale and $$$ is an issue you can wait until it goes on sale again.

      Link to AncesryDNA: http://tinyurl.com/gmaen3r


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