Dec. 10, 2016 Genealogy DIG Meeting

Meeting started at 10:10 20 people present
10:10 Welcome, Reports and Introductions:
No new people today
Loraine Reported on Money  Nancy sold 5 kits/$20  $145.15 on hand.
Shipping charge for FTDNa kits at meetings is $4, if purchased online is $12.95
Genetic Genealogy in Practice  Blaine Bettinger-Being Donated today to Gray Library
Stranger in My Genes by Bill Griffiths–being Donated today to Gray Library.
The Library has 4 books from our group now and two are already on loan-they have a waiting list! (Guide to DNA Testing & Genetic Genealogy and Genetic Genealogy)
Nancy gave an overview of the FTDNA Conference in Houston:
  • Bill Griffiths story is similar to Nancy’s but he has a different take on it. His cousin is the one who discovered the non-paternal event.
  • Nancy showed some short 1-2 minute videos she took at the conference.
  • FTDNA is using a new swab and the yield will be the same but the processing should be 3 times faster.
  • They will definitely start accepting from Ancestry and 23 & Me again in the future.
  • Roberta Estes (has a blog)  Great Blogger.  Spoke about Bennet-Gene by Gene limited is privately held and presented them a DNA quilt
  • Ancient Origins is now at FTDNA and it compares your autosomal to DNA found at archaeological digs
Nancy has a new case she is working on:
Margaret maternal grandparents had 7 children
Rumor was that Margaret’s father was actually a boarder at her parents home.  There is a boarder in the home in the 1930 census. Margaret was born in 1927.
Nancy shared a post from Brenna Henn’s blog- the number of matches is exponential  1 family 3 kids-190 Third cousins, 940 Fourth cousins, and 4,700 fifth cousins.
Conference slides are at
Question about the X chromosone.  You share your X exactly with your sisters.  The X will change only half as often as the other chromosomes.
Morris Gleason is the Irish DNA expert.  There is a conference every year.
You can always get Ancestry for $79 vs $99 using a link that Nancy has-Nancy will send you the link if you ask
Great first year!  Thoughts, Suggestions for next year.
10:45- Member Sharing and Q&A
Curtis Library Classes on Thursdays in February
Nancy is doing something Similar in South Portland once a month starting in February
Anyone waiting for results:
Someone had a test where there was not enough DNA and they got a new kit.
Break at 11:00 for 15 minutes
Teaching/Learning Together
Basics, Companies, Tests, Results and Matches
Facebook list: Don Taylor brought in
If you are questioning the “Y” test go to the administrator they are there to help.
What about next year??
Would like more detail about how to use the tools. Maybe hire a speaker.
Would like to see the triangulation presentation
Repeats of some programs
Gedmatch presentation
Do a canned program and have Q & A  throughtout
Some small groups-a beginner group each week
Nancy is working on a case where the tester is not related to her brother.   One or the other is adopted and now Nancy had to tell her this. Now she has to tell her brother.
There are lots of family secrets that have dark backgrounds.
Meeting ended with discussion about why people do or do not want to do DNA tests.
Gerry Gower is part of the Whitlock and the Gower projects.  Join projects even if they are on your mom’s side.  Join the Maine Genealogical projects.
11:45-Regroup and put chairs away  Meeting ended at 11:50
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