Maine Genea DIG-Meeting Minutes: 10 Sept, 2016

Maine Genealogical DIG Sept. 10 Meeting began at 10:05 at the Gray Public Library
Family Tree DNA Kits now have a $4.00 charge-there are 24 available.
Balance on hand was $180 and Nancy used $88 for the kits
No first time attendees
Couple of events coming up-
Sun. Sept. 11 is the Pejepscott Chapter Meeting at 2:00 in Brunswick
Sat. Sept. 17 the Maine Genealogical Conference in Brewer
Sat. Sept. 24 is the Libby Reunion
Discussion of test on Ancestry when you are not a member
‘Stranger in my Genes’  only Family Tree DNA has its own lab.  Ancestry uses another lab.
The three services are always updating.  Populations for each lab will be different
On Ancestry people test because they already have a tree.  The other services have similar tree options “5th to remote with good confidence” is probably a match.
The trees on Ancestry show 64 great grandparents–plus all the descendants there are 1000’s at the 4th generation. You can’t know everyone
New tests on Ancestry are not compatible anymore with FTDNA
On Ancestry the circles are are not always shown to both people in the circle
A circle means you share DNA with a person or a group
Nancy will be attending the conference in November. (11-13).
How many have a test in progress?  If you have not gotten an email make sure you have put your email in there or else it goes to Nancy.
Anyone get any recent results?
Howe Last Name but no Howe names have shown up in the results
Do you have any Howe matches?   Yes but no paper trail
Generational Distance-It is 1  but it is only 12 markers match on a Y37 test.
They will try and match at the highest part of the test-ie 67  if no matches than they go down to 37 markers, then 25 then 12
Prices- Ancestry is now regular $79 on the Autosomal
I just my results and I need someone to interpret them.  Are there any MtDNA Projects?
The Irish History Center was no help with Paul’s wifes MtDNA result.  They are looking for 3 Generations back via PEI and to Scotland
They have exhausted  the paper trail in PEI
Short Intro around the group and then a break and after that break into three small groups
NEHGS DNA Day on Oct 22 in Worcester
Break-out sessions:9690151-seamless-dna-strands-stock-vector-dna-science-symbol
Nancy will talk about Ancestry
Lester Larabee will do Gedmatch
Wayne Mitchell will do FTDNA
You can walk around and go from group to group
Group Sessions ended at 12:05 and meeting adjourned and room was cleaned up
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2 Responses to Maine Genea DIG-Meeting Minutes: 10 Sept, 2016

  1. Laurice Jackson says:

    Is there a meeting scheduled for Nov 12 at Gray?


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