Maine Genea DIG – Meeting Minutes: 11 June 2016

Maine Genealogical DIG – DNA Interest Group

Moderator –  Nancy Critchley  Mason

Meeting Minutes 11 June 2016

There were 37 people in attendance at the June 11, 2016, DIG meeting.  Nancy welcomed newcomers to the Gray Library on Hancock Street.  The Treasurer,    Lorraine Jones, reported that there was $37 contributed at the May 14th meeting bringing the total to $112. Nancy said that she thought we should purchase a book for the DIG library with the money.

There were quite a few Maine Genealogy Society members in attendance at the meeting this morning. There was a discussion about each Chapter of MGS having their own DNA interest group.  MGS is very interested in starting several DIG groups in different parts of the state. Peter Michael Smith of the Augusta Chapter will be speaking at our July meeting.  He is going to try to incorporate DIG as part of MGS at the Annual Conference in Bangor on September 17, 2016.  It would be quite special as MGS will be entering their 40th anniversary.  Jerry Gower is a member of MGS and is familiar with their By-laws.  He spoke to our group and said there are supposed to be at least ten members of MGS in each Chapter.  That wouldn’t be a problem concerning this DIG because we have more than 10 MGS members in attendance today.  Nancy has presented her program on DNA to a lot of MGS Chapters, and they have requested that she help their individual chapters start up a DNA Interest Group for them. Perhaps Jerry would be the Chairperson of DIG that would interact with MGS and an Advisory Board or committee made up of DIG members.

At 10:30 Nancy showed a YouTube video on autosomal DNA  given by Jim Bartlett.  Jim has been active in genealogy since 1974.  Since 2010, Jim has been involved in the newest DNA tool, atDNA, which provides matches with cousins from any/all of your ancestors.  He has tested at all three companies, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe and Ancestry, and also uses GED match.

During the member sharing segment, Don Taylor told about his newly found half-siblings that he found through DNA testing. He took a trip to Michigan, and they had a wonderful reunion.  He had some advice to budding genealogists:  1: You can’t believe everything is in all records. And  2: Keep your test records, even after you may not find out anything using them initially.  He found some very helpful information after he had thought it was impossible to find.

The website is  and search for Maine Genealogical DIG on Facebook.

When you order DNA kits from always put in FREESHIPDNA in the coupon line, it may work – may not.  When you’re going to test an older person’s DNA, call and ask for four samples, so that their DNA will still be available in case they pass.

The next meeting is on July 10, 2016, at the Gray Library, 6 Hancock Street, Gray, Maine.

Respectfully submitted,
Lydia Mears


About Don Taylor

An advanced amateur Genealogist living in Scarborough, Maine.
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